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"You are a Very Nice Flower but..."

"Tarab is an emotional state that is created by the music, dancer's emotion's, and if there is an audience, by the audience's emotional reaction. Tarab is often described as a...

"In The Movies the Bellydancer is Always..."

How Oriental dance is percieved in the Middle East "For the first time in the Festival's history a panel discussion with experts was held, which explored how oriental dance is perceived in the Middle East and what the role of Western...


Oriental Dance Star Sema Yildez

Oriental Dance Star Sema Yildez In 1967 I entered a Turkish belly dancing competition. I was only 16 years old and I remember I had bleached blond hair because that was the style at that time in Turkey...

Algerian Dance Star Amel Tafsout

Algerian dance star Amel Tafsout The movements are, first of all, earthy and strong as Berber-Amazigh dances are all fertility dances. Strong hip and belly movements such as hip drops and belly drops, more syncopated...